Manny Montenegrino




  • Corporate Crisis Management
  • Creative Solutions
  • Government Advocacy/Lobbying

Emanuel (Manny) Montenegrino, President and CEO of Think Sharp Inc., has for decades, provided creative advice and solutions to both the business and government communities. Manny's key to enduring success is identifying the central issues and building a trusted corporate to government platform upon which Clients' positions are championed.

Think Sharp Inc. is an invaluable service to corporate clients who seek expeditious, creative solutions for their business objectives while facing government barriers.


Manny Montenegrino has earned unparalleled experience:

  • business lawyer for 32 years;
  • advisor, strategist, counsel to many senior members of the Conservative Party;
  • served on the management team of a national law firm for 15 years; and
  • served as a Community Chair for the City of Ottawa in securing the NHL Ottawa Sens franchise.

While Chair of the Government Relations Group at Lang Michener LLP, now McMillan LLP. Manny has successfully represented businesses in a variety of industries:

  • Pharma
  • Food Services
  • Communications
  • Aboriginal
  • Chemical
  • Cultural
  • Health Care
  • Mining
  • Insurance